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Bigfoot & Jefferson – What’s the Connection?

The State of Jefferson is a state of mind.  Folks that reside in the State of Jefferson believe it, live it, and know in their hearts that someday it will be more than a dream.   Who is to say it won’t happen?

Bigfoot shares in the mystique – does she exist?  Or is Bigfoot simply an illusion?  Many folks believe.  Hundreds, thousands of sightings have been reported.  Bigfoot lives in our hearts.  Does she live in the State of Jefferson as well?

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot & Jefferson – What’s the Connection?

  1. Bigfoot and Jefferson? I think it does not make any sense.

    1. Sure it does! Jefferson Outfitters is all about the lifestyle of N California/Jefferson. Bigfoot is our ‘mascot’. Jefferson is a state of mind at this point, trying to make it happen. Bigfoot is in our imagination, some we will know for sure that s/he exists. Love your website!

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